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Article: 20 ideas to entertain your children at home during Coronavirus lockdown

20 ideas to entertain your children at home during Coronavirus lockdown
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20 ideas to entertain your children at home during Coronavirus lockdown

After the recent Coronavirus alert, these isolated days at home can be beneficial for many, but for others, it can be really exhausting. With children at home, and their need to go outdoors and enjoy, many parents may feel the house is falling apart. 

But no need to worry, we have 20 ideas and plans that you can carry out to survive this lockdown with your little ones!

  1. Family baking:

It’s time to invade the kitchen to make the best desserts together. In addition, this is also a measure that helps children to take an interest in the kitchen and collaborate. Best of all, try the result later and lick your fingers!

  1. Enjoy music together:

Some countries have had the great idea of ​​sharing music with us taking advantage of social networks, with several artists offering small concerts from home, free for everyone. Enjoy them as a family!

  1. Movie time:

These are great days to take the cinema home. Let each member of the family choose a movie, all the options are put in a bowl and every time you want to see one, you take a piece of paper out of the bowl and that's the one everyone will have to watch and review afterwards

  1. Board games:

Use the board games you have at home. If there are not many, you can always create your own game. There are many creative ideas online!

  1. Write a story:

Have your children work together to create a story. Guide them into the adventure of literature.

  1. Theatre time:

Select a story, distribute characters, and become great theatre actors! Of course, you have to record this moment ;)

  1. Who am I?:

It's time to mime! Represent people (famous or known in your circle) but without making any noise! Let's see who the best imitator is!

  1. Learn about the world:

Tell them a country and the little ones have to create a file with data about that region of the world. Who is its president? How many people live there? What is their typical food? 

  1. Go indoor camping:

Set up the tent, get the cushions, pillows and blankets you have on hand, and go camping in your living room!

  1. Make a choreography:

Select a song and create the best dancing moves. Everyone has to learn it!

  1. Paint each other:

Show your inner artist to everyone! You might impress someone, or you they may surprise you!

  1. Hide an object in the house:

Others have to guess what is missing! There are things that are always there, but will we miss them if they are gone?

  1. Origami:

Making origami is always a great idea. Learn how to create them on YouTube!

  1. Picnic at home:

Each one prepares a snack and prepare a picnic spot in your house. You will see how much fun this can be!

  1. Let's sing:

It’s time for karaoke! Do you want to do it even better? Stop the song at any given time, will they know how it continues?

  1. Dress up:

There is nothing funnier than combining random pieces of clothes!

  1. Build a house made of cardboard house:

Or a car, an aeroplane... Everything is possible if you have a cardboard box big enough for the child to fit inside!

  1. Pillow fight:

It’s a great idea in order to make them tired for nap time, or to have an early night!

  1. Make a collage:

Children love to collect things and treasure memories. Surely they have saved memories and objects of trips or things like that. With all this, a cardboard and glue you can make a beautiful mural to hang in their room.

Do you have any other idea? Let’s help each other out in times like these! Leave your idea in the comments below :)

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