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Article: Coronavirus: Is It Dangerous For Your Children?

Coronavirus: Is It Dangerous For Your Children?

Coronavirus: Is It Dangerous For Your Children?

Experts are baffled by aspects of Covid-19, such as why it affects children less than adults. While the little ones are very susceptible to the flu, the cases for Coronavirus collected so far suggest that this new virus passes by as it approaches them. The reason they respond differently? It is not yet known.

It is a new virus and there is not yet enough information about how it affects children or pregnant women. It is known that anyone can become infected, regardless of their age, but so far there have been relatively few cases of COVID-19 among children. The disease is rarely fatal, and so far the fatalities have been elderly people who already suffered from a disease.

Although it seems like children are not as affected as adults, be aware that that an infected child can spread it to other family members, so if your child presents symptoms they must take the same precautions as with an adult. Above all, they should not be in contact with other people or go to school.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

Fever, cough and respiratory failure are some of its symptoms. In more severe cases, the infection can cause pneumonia or breathing difficulties. Rarely, the disease can be fatal.

These symptoms are similar to those of a common cold or flu, which are much more frequent than COVID-19. For that reason, to know if a person is infected, it is necessary to have a test.

What should I do if my child has symptoms of COVID-19?

You should seek medical assistance, but do not forget that it is flu season and that some symptoms of COVID-19, such as cough or fever, may be similar to those of the flu or the common cold, which are much more frequent.

It is important to maintain good hygiene and hand practices, such as washing your hands frequently, as well as keeping up with your immunization schedule so that your child is protected against other viruses and bacteria that can cause disease.

As with other respiratory infections such as the flu, you should seek medical help as soon as you or your child begin to have symptoms and avoid going to public places (such as your workplace, school or public transportation) so as not to spread to other people.

What should I do if a member of my family has symptoms?

If you or your child have a fever, cough or breathing difficulties, they should see a medical professional as soon as possible. You can call your doctor beforehand if you have traveled to an area where cases of the new coronavirus have been recorded or if you have been in close contact with a person who has traveled from one of those areas and has respiratory symptoms.

Can a pregnant woman transmit the virus to the fetus?

At the moment there is not enough evidence to determine if the virus can be transmitted from mothers to fetuses during pregnancy, nor from the consequences that this can have later on the baby. It is an issue that is being investigated. Pregnant women should continue to take adequate precautions to protect themselves from exposure to the virus and seek medical assistance if they begin to develop symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath.


Is it safe for a mother infected with Coronavirus to breastfeed her baby?

Any mother who is in a risk zone affected by the virus and has symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath should seek medical assistance as soon as possible and follow the instructions of a healthcare professional.

Please be aware that we are not experts and are just sharing the information we have found about Coronavirus in trusted websites.

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