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Chewy Pacifier clip

The Chewy Pacifier Clip from Les Enfants is a helpful accessory for your little one. 

It’s also highly functional for you as a parent while keeping track of your baby's elusive pacifiers. 

The beads are soft on the baby's gum when teething, and the shape and texture are something new for your baby to explore! 
It adds the perfect touch of style to any outfit while still being safe and yummy for your little one!

• Use to keep the pacifier off the floor
• For the baby's gum and emerging teeth, can relieve the baby's teething pain.
• The multifunctional loop can also keep track of your babies snuggle blanket or other favourites that you need close to your baby or toddler.

Comes in a nice gift box ready to be given to someone you like. 

The pacifier Clip is not a toy. Ensure you inspect carefully before each use.
The pacifier clip shall be attached to the clothing.
Should not be used in the cot/bed.
Throw away at the first signs of damage or weakness.
Never attach other cords that makes the pacifier clip longer, your child may be strangled by them.
Clean before each use with soap and water.


To clean your Les Enfants Chewy Pacifier Clip you can use soap and water and then rinse. You can also boil it for up to 5 minutes with the dummy, if you prefer. 

The holder is odourless and easy to clean with mild soap and water.

Les Enfants products are tested according to European Standard EN 71-3 and are free from harmful chemicals.

All silicone beads and accessories are:
- Made of 100% Food Grade Silicone and are free from 
BPA, PVC, Lead, Phthalates, Nickel and Mercury.